Why Online Counselling May or May Not Work

Online counselling has the potential to reach many individuals requiring help across states. With the current technology, video calls are even possible. The kind of benefits that may arise from online counselling are immense. However, some factors still need to be worked on to carry out the service effectively. Note some factors that may hinder online counselling. Establishment of a Therapeutic Relationship For a therapist, it is crucial to create a therapeutic relationship with the patient to ensure trust is gained. [Read More]

How to Stop Your Teaching Career From Ruining Your Relationship

Any career can interfere with romance, but teaching can be one of the most surprising culprits. The long hours you spend planning lessons, marking work, and being emotionally invested in your dozens or hundreds of students can quickly take its toll on any relationship, whether you're just beginning to date or you've been married for years. If you feel like the time you're investing in your career is putting a wedge between you and your partner, here are three ways to balance teaching with love. [Read More]

Ways for the Depressed Housewife to Fight Depression

If you're a 'depressed housewife', and are determined to fight this disease and regain the happy life that you once had, then try making these easy changes and feel the difference! Bright Colours Keeping up with the latest design trends can not only be stressful, but with a lot of neutrals becoming the popular choice, you can end up waking up in a dungeon every day without even realizing it. It's time to do away with those dark, drab colours and spice it up a bit! [Read More]

Understanding and Controlling Your Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a difficult problem to control, but if you experience it so badly that you're prone to panic attacks, it can have a tight grip on your whole life. Panic attacks vary in their precise symptoms, but most people find their heart rate increases, breathing might become difficult, and they feel a tightness in the chest and throat. Whatever your personal set of symptoms, the one thing you'll have in common with other panic attack sufferers is that you can be affected with little warning, making life very difficult. [Read More]